Golf Clubs Categorized Based on the Shaft Type and Material

golf-clubsOnce you are already familiar with the game, after you have determined what you need and what kind of player you are based on your swing speed and the accuracy of your hits, it must be time to choose the clubs that would help achieve precision and gain distance during the game. You might want to consider buying cheap golf clubs, if you want to spend a longer period of time practicing to slightly modify and to further study your swing.

You can request for a custom fit of your clubs. This will help you determine other body mechanics, aside from your swing, that have effects on your shots. This will help you choose the appropriate golf clubs, specifically irons, for you. There are golf equipment sites online that sell clubs from a variety of manufacturers, and these are cheap golf clubs you may want to take a try.
Depending on the distance of your shots, you can choose what material of the shaft appeals to you more.

cheap golf clubs the accuracy of the shot. The clubhead can twist when it hits the ball, which means that the clubface will not square at impact.
Depending on whether you want to achieve more distance in your play or you want more accurate shots to drive the ball deep down the fairway and closer to the green, you will have to choose what you think are the iron clubs that will help you improve or enjoy the game. For average players, a regular flex is enough to balance the ball flight, its speed and direction.

Golf equipment stores offer best golf clubs that are categorized according to the shaft’s materials. The shaft can be of graphite or of steel. The shaft’s material is a factor that contributes to the feel the club gives the player. Aside from making the club heavy, steel shafts are also rigid, but are helpful in making more accurate shots. However, if you prefer gaining distance to making accurate shots, you can choose the graphite-shafted club, which is lighter and more flexible.

If you can already make long shots, you can choose steel-shafted irons, although these clubs are not recommended for those who have shoulder or arm pain. When clubs made of steel hit the ball, the impact will vibrate up to the player’s hands and arms. For the elderly, clubs that are of graphite will give them more benefits than those of the steel, as these light clubs will help in gaining more distance without changing the swing tempo.

GolfAlthough clubs that have graphite shafts are expensive when directly purchased from a well-known manufacturer, you can still avail these clubs from a trusted golf equipment store that offers cheap golf clubs.

Your game will improve if you include high-lofted clubs with the other basic clubs in your bag. Again, lofts determine how far the ball will fly or roll once you hit it with clubs of varying lofts. Amateur golfers aim for a longer ball flight than its roll on the fairway, as the carry determines the ball distance more than the roll does.

It is not only your swing speed that determines how far the ball will go, but also the angle of your attack, etc.

Advantages of Hybrid Clubs Over Traditional Clubs

Compared to conventional irons, hybrid clubs need more of a sweeping swing, but most players achieve a higher trajectory they expect when using hybrids.
This happens sometimes because the player was de-lofting and closing the clubface when hitting a traditional iron. But the wider sole of a hybrid club promotes a squarer setup, which makes players taylormade_rocketballz_fairway_withball
attain the proper distance and height for that club, even if it is not the distance that they are used to.
Getting consistent, reliable distance is easier when clubs are used with their proper loft. If you want less or more distance, just move up or down one golf club instead of controlling the clubface.


Hybrids vs. Other Clubs

Using a testing machine and hitting in the center of the clubface, a 7-hybrid would have the same distance as a standard 7-iron. The hybrid excels of off-center hits; since it is more forgiving compared to a traditional iron, the distance would be farther for the hybrid club. On off-center hits, hybrids also have better accuracy.

Compared to fairway woods, hybrid clubs also have design advantages. For instance, you can play hybrids with the same ball position as regular irons. Therefore, your hybrids must have the same shaft flex, swing weight, and length as your irons.
A lot of players, especially those who want to sweep the ball instead of hitting down and taking a divot, have been successful by replacing their traditional irons with hybrid ones.


Using Hybrid Golf Clubs in Your Game

Hybrids are not new in the world of golf, but there are still some golfers who are slow to adapt. For the past decade or so, hybrids have been steadily gaining popularity. Nowadays, they are essentials that you can see in the golf bags of the best tour golfers as well as beginners. Hybrid golf clubs perfectly fill the gap between irons and woods, and they are versatile, easy to hit, and accurate.

•Brings Confidence

What do you feel upon looking down from your position as you prepare hitting a long iron shot? You may be confident that you can cleanly strike the long iron and send the ball really high into the air, or you may be nervous that you need to make good enough contact to get the ball off the turf. Long irons, for most golfers, are clubs that instill fear instead of confidence. This is one of the reasons hybrid clubs became very popular. Instead of worrying over a tough 3-iron shot, you could use a hybrid and take the shot easily.


Hybrid golf clubs give you options when you are playing a round of golf. You are only allowed to place 14 clubs in your bag, so you need to make sure every club serves as many purposes as possible. For instance, you will not only use your sand wedge for shots from the sand, but you can also use it for short approaches, pitch shots, chip shots, etc. Similarly, hybrids can be used for various purposes during a round.


In case your ball is just off the border of the green on a short grass, you can bump-and-run the ball to the hole using a hybrid club. This could be a suitable shot since it might be easier to execute compared to a regular chip shot using a wedge. Moreover, you could use this strategy from farther off the green instead of using your putter. Through a motion like your putting stroke, just rock the hybrid back and forth. The ball must pop out of the grass, then bounce once or twice, and start rolling quickly across the green. Practice this technique with your hybrid clubs before using them on the course because it might take a bit of time to properly control your distance.

•Fairway Bunker Shots

In golf, one of the toughest shots is a long shot coming from a fairway bunker. If you are in this situation, you may use a hybrid club so you can pick the ball from the top of the sand. Compared to using a long iron, using a hybrid will make it easier for you to hit the shot at full distance into the target. However, make sure that there is not much edge in front of you because it may cause a relatively low shot. If you are hitting a shot from a deep fairway bunker, you might have to use a lofted iron to make sure you could safely get the ball out.

•Punch Out of Trouble

Every now and then, players hit bad drives – it is part of the game. If your ball is in trouble from the side of the fairway, you can use a hybrid club to make a punch shot back into the short grass. A lot of players make their punch shots using a long iron, but it could be tough to hit these shots solid enough to achieve the distance you need. When using hybrid clubs to hit a punch, you must do your best to make a compact swing, so you could have a low, controlled ball flight.