Monthly Archives: August 2009

We will be alright

I was awakened to the sound of worship this morning. “Uhhmmm.. what day is it today?” I tried to collect myself. Ah, it’s a Saturday. I have always wanted to join the early morning prayers, but I had always been overcome by sleep. I managed to get up, although I slept at 2 am already. “I need to go,” I thought. Not because it was required or because I would feel guilty or anything. I just wanted to go because I felt i needed it- refuelled passion… rekindled fire.

I was surprised to see the number of people that were there. With the loud voices I heard from our house, I thought there were at least 30 people praying. I counted… 1,2,3… there were just 10. I wasted no time. I worshipped, lifted my hands, and I was there– right in the middle of what God was doing in that building. He was there… in my heart of hearts… stirring, burning, loving. Then we became quiet. I hummed a love song to the Lord, while I can hear others just crying out to the Lord… I can feel the person near me was just in quiet solitude.

Then I heard someone mention our names… praying for us– our Thailand missions, one by one she cried out to the Lord, saying out our names. I was moved to tears. I just closed my eyes once again. I smiled. I knew right there and then that I need not to worry. With all the uncertainties we are facing, I knew.. we will be alright.