Monthly Archives: September 2010

Our new abode

This is our new abode… not really far from the old house. We really like this house, but it does not have internet connection We are actually thinking of hooking up with the neighbor’s net connection and just buy a router. On the other hand, we were thinking it might be a good thing , because the Thai lessons are becoming more complicated and we need all the time in the world!

Sigh, houses like these are really cheap here in Lopburi. Imagine we could rent a two-storey house like this with the same amount we pay our one-room condo in Bangkok. It’s kind of lonely though, without the kids running around.

Authentic Thai massage

I am in desperate need of a massage right now. We have to transfer to another house, and we wanted to make sure everything is clean here before the new family comes next week. The garden is a bit of a mess, and just now we just finished pulling weeds.

I have to say that the first time I had Thai massage in Chiangmai last year, I was scared. For the first time in my life, I felt like I had to be so “stretched”. I felt like my body was going to break! I had to be told to just relax, but how can I? It was very much different to the Filipino massage. But after that, I felt so relaxed and somehow I felt like there were “pressure points” that have never been pressed before. I felt healthy. And each time I have a Thai massage, I get more and more relaxed.

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For now, it’s time to carry our bags and transfer to that house next block. Hubby and I agreed to have a date night… we had a tough week and this house transfer has made it even more stressful. I guess it would be nice to treat ourselves with something yummy. And maybe, Thai massage next week? hopefully.

Music of the heart

Joey and I were able to watch a very touching movie about a music teacher who touched the lives of her students forever. We want Ria to watch this film, to encourage her to keep playing the violin. I really believe in Ria’s talent and just like any other proud parent, I want her to go far with it. Of course, above our dreams and desires for Ria, is God’s plan. More than anything else, we desire for her to obey God’s call. And her music? may it touch the heart of God…