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Bangkok sightings

What a day it has been!  We went around MBK, a huge shopping center in Bangkok with friends who came over to visit.

MBK — a closer look.  See those santas “climbing” on a ladder there? How come there are many Santas now? haha..:)Taken from the 5th floor– scary!!

From MBK we went to Siam Discovery passing through this crowded overpass with many vendors selling shirts and souvenir items

The entrance leading to another mall, Siam Discovery

Look up!  Isn’t this beautiful?

This is really one gorgeous Christmas tree..

Taking a closer look… that tree is actually made out of drinking straws of different colors!  I did not only admire the ingenuity of its maker.. I loved those vibrant colors as well!

I think the highlight of our Siam discovery visit was we went to the 6th floor where the Madame Tussaud’s wax museum was.  Actually we were not able to see the “wax people”– we just posed on the photos.  :)  Still it was fun!

I don’t mean to be a third party… I just posed between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. haha!

Trying to dance with Beyonce?

With Jackie Chan and Julia Roberts– wait. Who’s that other girl?

This is my good friend Lorraine posing with this “wax”on the lobby … supposedly a Korean actor whose name I forgot! haha!

Hubby trying to be playful!

Our final pose… with a very nice backdrop

It was a great day– we did not have to shop to enjoy our time. Many times just having quality time with each other catching up and just go around, see places could equally be fun.


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Ruby red Tuesday

Thai food– aroy!

“Aroy” is the Thai word for “delicious”.  I have to confess, I did not like hot and spicy food when I came to Thailand.  I thought that the smell of those unfamiliar herbs and spices did not seem to be pleasant.  But not for long.  Now I have to say that Thai cuisine is one of the best in the world.

Today for lunch hubby had this spicy chicken curry..

One of my favorites– fried rice with fried pork.  Very spicy, with basil leaves

I love these dumplings that go with a spicy sauce

It was a tasty meal. I say again, after every Thai food trip, “Aroy!”

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Food trip friday

Good morning, Bangkok!

Today we boarded the bus before the sun rose…

I am not normally a morning person, so I never get to see the Bangkok sunrise everyday.  I am glad I saw it today.

These photos did not give justice to the beauty I saw that day… I was on a fast-moving bus to catch up with some friends for a whole day of fun!

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Skywatch Friday