Monthly Archives: March 2011

Terrible heads

I have blackheads on nose. Yes, on my nose. Aahhh! I call them terrible heads. I am so desperate to get rid of them. I feel like I am being attacked by little black stubborn things. I don’t like it when someone wants to take photos that are so up close… or if people talk with me and I can see that they are silently “scanning” my face at the same time. LOL! :)

Hubby sometimes get tempted of removing them himself, but many times I don’t like it because it’s quite painful. I guess someone who knows how to remove them the professional way is the need of the hour. Operation: Blackheads removal– ASAP!!

Frustrated model?

My friends teased me of being a frustrated model when they saw these photos. These were taken by my friend Janet who is such a great photographer during our mommy holiday in Koh Lipe, South Thailand last week.

I really enjoyed posing for her, just for fun. :)

It was a relaxing time to be with friends for our short island get away minus the hubbies. We talked about anything under the sun — from homeschooling to cleaning the house, movies we have watched, dermagist reviews, beauty regimen and just like any other mom, bragged about our kids and what they can do.

I don’t know if we could have another mommy holiday next year. Honestly? I am looking forward to it, as early as now!

Long distance love affair

I am having a long distance love affair with our kids. Today our boy turned 5 and he is with my parents in our home country. But hubby and I were virtually there during his party… thanks to technology.

I wish we could have conference call services soon– that way we could not only communicate with our kids but with my other siblings who are in other cities at the same time. Being away from home has its advantages, but missing important events like our boy’s birthday, his presentation in school and our girl receiving her silver medal in school are moments we definitely would like to be a part of.

But it’s ok, this long distance love affair would not last that long. We will see our little ones as they would join us in Bangkok in seven days. You could tell I am counting the days! What can I say? I am excited beyond words.