Monthly Archives: April 2011


Four days ago I had allergies. Yes, rashes all over my face and hands! I had to teach the following day and I worried about scaring the little kids away when I stood in front! Haha! Thankfully they did not seem to notice it. Either that or they were just so embarrassed to ask what happened to my face.

Gosh, I really felt bad having to deal with all that itch! I was just wondering how to get rid of whiteheads when all those bumpy red things started to appear! I panicked, really!

Thankfully they are gone now. But the whiteheads, those stubborn little things are still there. I hope that when I will finally treat them, I would not have allergies in return. Sigh, the worries we get when we are so concerned about our looks!

Business and the web

Nowadays business transactions are mostly done in the web. Businesses who do not have websites can easily lose it to those who have one. I have a good friend who is starting to do business here in Thailand but it is so not like the traditional way of doing business which is really cool!

First he had to check on seo moz reviews and consider lots of things before he finally went on with the venture. I guess every business person should do, if they have to go global.

I am not a business person myself (although I am aspiring to be one)– :)

Maybe as early as now I will look into possibilities of how I could expand my business in the web. Dreaming too big? Why not? ;)

Back to School!

My co-teacher here in Thailand is back in our home country for her masters. Soon it will be her hubby’s turn to do his doctorate degree. Wow! it seems that everybody is going back to school nowadays. Hubby is wishing he could have the same opportunity, too.

As for me, I don’t think I have the energy to do that for now, although I am open to the idea if there would be an accredited online university where I could enroll.

I guess there are many advantages in being enrolled in an accredited online university. For one, I don’t have to be separated from the kids during my time of study. So if I would be asked if I also want to go back to school, I think it would be great. I mean, why not? I don’t think I am that old to grab such an opportunity if it comes. A school girl at 30 something is something I could be proud about! Don’t you agree?