Monthly Archives: May 2011

Baby surprise!

Just today I was asking the kids if they liked another brother or sister. Roi seems to be uninterested in the question as he enjoys being our baby at 5 years old. :) Ria on the other hand is so thrilled to have another baby girl. It seems to me like having another baby is kind of scary, but at the same time I would like to have another one– maybe the last.

When I had Ria, I had so many visitors in the hospital room right after I had my caesarian delivery. Many brought gift baskets for baby girl but of course my baby could not enjoy them yet. Some contained goodies, which the adults found delight in, while clothes were enjoyed by my baby months after.

We took photos of all our hospital guests and immediately arranged them in a baby album days after we got out of the hospital. With Roi, though, his photos are still in CDs. I need to have them developed soon. He is already where his baby photos are, and all I could show him are his toddler photos in facebook. Haha!

So back to the baby. I guess I need to make up my mind soon if I still want one. What do you think? :)

Fat Mommy

My daughter asked me one time, “Mom, are all mommies fat?”  She saw her fat grandma, and now, me.  I had to explain to her that not all mommies are fat, and I was once upon a time skinny.  :)

I had to show her photos to prove that, because she seemed doubtful.  Anyways, it made me think that I should also do something about weight loss.  I don’t feel healthy at all, and I should do something about it.  Maybe oxyelite would help.

I am not trying to lose weight to impress my daughter, I want to do it because I want to be fit and healthy– and I want to FEEL healthy, too! The thing is, I have to have enough discipline to tame myself with food intake. Regular exercise would be necessary, too. I don’t do mornings and I have busy afternoons, so it’s a challenge to find time. But like they always say, “don’t FIND time. MAKE time.”– and I agree. So let the weight loss challenge begin!

Me the explorer?

I took an online test one time just for fun. Who was I in my previous life? Now I am not a believer that I did have a previous life, but like I said, it was just for fun. It said I was an EXPLORER. Funny, it never occurred to me because I am not very interested in geography and stuff.

I have been curious about lots of things, though… like how they determined the time before the clock was even invented. I have heard about sundials but I really don’t know how it works, even up to now. Maybe I should ask a sundial clock specialist about that.

Funny how that word “explorer” aroused my curiosity about past discoveries and interesting inventions.  Maybe I was indeed an explorer if I had a previous life!  But no, I still don’t believe in that stuff. But wait, I can still be one, can I?