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Tuesday Travels: Loi Krathong

Loi Krathong is the second most important festival in Thailand, next to Songkhran, the Thai new year. I really love this festival because it brings out the creativity of the Thais in making those beautiful flower arrangements– they then let it flow into the river. They would write their sins and all the things that they are sorry about in a paper, and let it afloat together with those beautiful flowers with candles.

The river would look so beautiful at night. They believe that their sins would be washed away in the river as they celebrate this festival.


Devotees let their flowers float in their river.  Loi Krathong is celebrated every full moon of the month of November.

But the Northern Thais have thought of a more creative idea.  Instead of making flower arrangements that float on the river, they make lanterns that they would release into the air, making a very beautiful sight at night– this reminds me of that Rapunzel movie!!

But I learned that the Thai government has already banned this practice as it might be dangerous for planes that fly at night.

“Loi” means “to float” and a “krathong” is traditionally made from a section of banana tree trunk. Modern krathongs are more often made of bread or styrofoam. (Wikipedia)

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Penang: a food haven

Yes, I have heard so much about Penang and it being called a “Food Haven”– I was so curious about their delicious curry and all the food the city has to boast!

I learned that Malaysia is a very multi-cultural country. They have Indians (who generally speak Tamil), the Malays (which comprise the country’s Muslim population) and there’s the Chinese. I mean, which country does not have them? Haha– kidding!

I was so impressed at the variety of food they have there. For starters, I would like to share about our trip to Gurney Drive, one of the famous places to go to for food trip.

We tasted different kinds of noodles, desserts and some yummy curry here.  The place really bustles with life at night, and there are so many tourists!  I really had a great time there!

I have not seen much of the shops there, though, so I’m not sure if they sold buy cao cigars. We were there for a plain food trip and not some shopping spree. If given another chance to visit Penang, I would really make it a point to buy some souvenirs! Until then, Penang! I will be back… ;)


Dream Destinations: Three Vacation Villas I’d Love to Rent

Many regions of the world have beautiful homes, buildings carefully constructed with budgets a lot larger than mine. It’s hard to pick just a few places I’d like to live, but some vacation villas would be great destinations for my family.

This is Villa Haineu, in Koh Samui, Thailand. As you can see, it is a fairly large home, and I have always dreamed of living in such a large place. I think it would be a lot of fun to have enough space to do everything I wanted without particularly worrying about crowding out others… though, it’s built for eight to ten people, so it might get a little lonely if I went there myself. The villa has a good view and easy access to the Big Buddha Temple, though, so it’s actually more than a nice home. If I were to travel any long distance, I think I’d like to see the area, too, and Koh Samui has a lot of interesting things to see and do. Big houses can be found in many places, but unique world sites are a little rarer.

If I were to dream of a vacation much further away, though, I’d like to go to Italy. This house is possibly the nicest in the entire city of Rome; Residenza Napoleone III, as it’s called locally, is a home that used to belong to the Queen of Holland and Emperor Napoleon the Third, and it once hosted a lot of important people for dinner parties and other social events. A very large portion of European history is related to this Italy villa, and it also has a nice location in the heart of the city from which I could walk out to see some of the most famous sites in Rome. I was actually very surprised to hear that you could rent this property; it isn’t one of the most expensive Italy villas you can find, but I would love to someday learn how it was arranged to lend it out. I’d really like to bring all of my family on the trip, too, so that we could enjoy the sights of Rome together.

El Castillo de Esparza! It is a very nice villa located in Costa Rica; from here, you can see the pool and tennis court, as well as the design of the building. My dream destination is one I can share with all of my family and friends, you see, and this villa has a lot of room and plenty of things to do without even leaving the property, though I’d like to get out and do that, too. I mean, this place has a Jacuzzi, a pool table, and even a water slide! I have occasionally seen very small slides in nearby properties, but this slide actually seems to be quite large. We can also take walks together from the house to go to restaurants and enjoy a meal together or simply visit the town, or head to the beach and have a lot of fun. I would not mind living in this location, either, but even just a vacation would be a lot of fun for everyone.