A Walk to Remember: Unusual Holiday Walks Not to be Missed

Whilst many prefer to use their precious holiday allowance on soaking up the sun at a beach resort, others would rather use their leisure time to get active and explore. If you are looking for a holiday with a difference, there are many unusual walking tours that offer some of the most breath-taking views known to man. Read on to discover some of the lesser known holiday walks guaranteed to excite and entertain.

The Towns and Villages of Lake Como

Italy is renowned for being home to some of the most beautiful lakes in the world, most notably Lake Como. To really take in all that this area of interest has to offer, a walking tour that incorporates the idyllic towns and villages is the perfect choice. Lake Como is located north of Milan and close to the border of Switzerland making it ideal for those looking to travel further.

The Cape Winelands

Discover this stunning area of South Africa with a walking tour that incorporates some of the areas most valued wine estates. Walking along private footpaths, you will be able to take in the sites of the South African countryside at your leisure. Ambling through the Cape Floral Region will give you a first-hand view of some 9,000 species; a sight not to be missed.

The Saxon Shore Way

If you are looking for inspiration a little closer to home, consider the Saxon Shore Way on the Kent coast. Steeped in history and literary associations, this walking tour will provide an insight into the Roman era with diverse scenery to enjoy along the way such as the White Cliffs of Dover and Romney Marsh.

Dracula’s Lair and the Carpathian Mountains

Those fascinated by gothic horror will be familiar with this area, situated closely to the most popular part of the Romania; Transylvania. To appreciate all that this rural wonder has to offer it is best to book a walking tour so as not to miss a must-see part of it.

Sierra De Tramuntana

When thinking of Majorca, most of us turn our thoughts towards bars and beaches but there really is so much more to this Balearic Island. Take a pleasant walk in the mountain ranges of Sierra De Tramuntana through lush olive groves and quaint villages to see for yourself that Majorca has more to offer than people may think.

Book a holiday with a difference this year by arranging a walking tour in one of these unusual yet spectacular destinations.


Sophie is an avid fan of walking holidays and encourages those looking to get away this summer to consider booking a walking tour at an unusual destination.

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