My dream climb

I am no mountaineer but I do have a dream climb.  I have gone to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia more than 10 years ago (whew, that was a long time ago, wasn’t it? LOL) but sadly, I have never gone to the foot of Mt. Kinabalu, let alone climb it.

Mt. Kinabalu stands 4095 meters above sea level  and is called the highest mountain in South East Asia.  It could be seen on the plane ride, but that was so short I was not able to gaze into its majesty.

I really hope to visit Kota Kinabalu again someday and yes, do my dream climb ! Like I said I am not a mountaineer so I would definitely need some serious exercising/ walking and running a few days before the climb. I would also need one of those camelbak backpacks, plus thick clothing and lots of water!

I don’t know how I’d fare, but at least I would be able to do something that I’ve always dreamed doing!

@credits to google for the photo

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