Monthly Archives: March 2012

It could happen to you!

Your carpet needs to be vacuumed.  Your bed sheets and pillow cases need some serious washing, and so do your curtains. The thing is, you just don’t have time for it as you are loaded with so many stuff at work.

While it’s true that you really want to keep your house neatly cleaned and arranged, you still have to juggle your time doing so many other important things:  family, work, and more work!  One great challenge is oftentimes finding the time do the household chores that you are supposed to do, but perhaps the greater challenge is mustering enough energy to finally do them, and do them well.

But why does this have to be such a bother when you could call Maid Service Baltimore MD ?

With all the things expected of you, you deserve a day off and let them take care of the cleaning and making your house spic-and-span, the way you have always wanted it to be.  You don’t even have to worry about them being left with your house and all your belongings.  These professionals are highly trained to take care of the things entrusted to them in your absence.

All you have to do is call, and let them do their thing. Coming home to a well-arranged house could happen to you.  Isn’t that good news?

Loving our little orange house!

I thank God for the smooth house transfer and how we have adopted to our new neighborhood well. Our neighbors have been very friendly and we do not have trouble communicating since we speak good Thai already. Mastery of the language has really helped us adjust to Thailand big time. I remember how nervous we would be if we got out of the house when we first came here. That’s because we were so afraid no one is going to understand us. Back then, we could not read a single word of Thai so we were helpless if no one helped us with translations.

Back to our new house, it still needs a few repairs here and there but we like it here. It’s not that big a house like our old one so we could not buy one of those chaise lounges at, although I love to sit on them everytime I visit a furniture shop! I am still wishing for a bigger house someday but for now, this little one would do.

Jobs online

With the advent of modern technology, job applicants these days could easily get a job online.  Well, it is actually not as easy as it sounds.  Of course, job seekers still have to present their necessary documents like their personal data sheet where their educational attainment is reflected.  Along with it would be their reference persons to vouch for them. Of course there would also be that personal background check so employers could be sure of the people they take in.

If you would be qualified for a position, you could work for a boss on the other side of the globe.  You work online, you also get compensated online.  The wonders of technology are amazing , aren’t they?