My Handyman

One of the things that I am so grateful about is to be married to a handyman. My dad is, and I remember admiring him as a little girl and wishing I’d be married to someone who could fix pipes, loves tools and repairs a lot of things in the house.

Believe it or not, hubby was not that much of a handyman back in our home country. I guess because there, we could call on so many friends who could do the work for us– some for a minimal fee, some for free.

But when we moved to Thailand, I was surprised to find hubby’s “hidden” talent in repairing things! I guess you could discover so many things about yourself when you are in a situation where you only have your skills to rely on, right?

With that, I have always wanted to give him a tool box with tools in it, includingmac 90.

I bet Handy Manny Joey would be so happy with that toolbox in hand!

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